Hello world!

The primary purpose of this blog will be to reassure others in their own autistic journey.  In doing so I wish to share my own journey into autism and my passion for contributing to the growing awareness and understanding of the autistic spectrum.  I am hoping that by doing so I can finally embrace my own autism and accept who I really am.  It would be wonderful to help others on the spectrum and to provide wisdom and guidance from inside the spectrum, to those who try their best to support from the outside.

Over the last few years I have gained much solace from other female spectrum bloggers.  I have been inspired and encouraged by their own personal journeys and am looking forward to entering their blogging world.  Autism can be a lonely place and it seems that although I crave social contact, I also find social interaction an indescribable struggle, leaving me pretty shattered.  Perhaps this online world of aspies may accept me as one of them, perhaps socialising this way may be less exhausting and more giving, on both sides.  There’s only one way to find out…